Peer Mentor Program

Tools for Peace provides Leadership Training that offers teens the chance to acquire life skills that lead teens to:

•Become a positive role model
•Build leadership qualities
•Learn how to give back to others

The goal of this program is to help each peer mentor fully develop leadership potential and the ability to help others.

Mentors go through a one-day training and are assigned a small group of first-time campers. They are asked to guide campers through the curriculum, help orient them during camp, and they facilitate camper’s bonds with each other, serving as positive role models during the camp.

Peer Mentors experience the Teen Summer Camp alongside campers in workshop, activity, and camp cabin settings. They are chosen because they are positive role models, and have demonstrated the motivation and potential to help others. As peers, they provide a kind of support distinct from that of the adult camp counselors and facilitators. Peer Mentors have usually attended the Teen Camp before, are between 18-20 years old, and mentor campers on a ratio of 1:8.