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Stop, Breathe & Think Online Course

This Self-Guided Online Course is designed for adults who would like to deepen their existing meditation practice, or for those looking to begin a new one. The course will provide an opportunity to strengthen the fundamentals of mindfulness and meditation, and will focus on the development of kindness and compassion in everyday life. It is also a great next step for those who want to build on what they have learned with our highly rated Stop, Breathe & Think app.

What does the course look like?

  • Stop, Breathe & Think will offer 8 sections that will take you through a weekly reading, a guided mindfulness and meditation audio recording, personal reflection through question & answer, journaling and simple activities. Suggested supplementary readings and video recordings will also be provided.
  • You can progress through the course according to your own schedule, although reflection and activities are due each week.
  • Participants will have access to moderated weekly forum discussions and 3 live webinars* with one of our Stop, Breathe & Think facilitators.

*The live webinars will be recorded and available for viewing at any time during the course.

Online Course pages

What technological requirements will I need for the course?

  • A computer with internet access and Adobe Flash
  • An email account
  • The ability to listen to MP3 files
  • The ability to open PDF documents

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What People Are Saying

“What was the best part of the course? The PDF handout material. And the recordings. And the feedback from facilitators. Wait…all of it! I loved this course! I would do it again and I would recommend it to others!”

“It was a good way to think about how I relate to myself and others mindfully.”

“I will be using these meditations for a long time as my practice continues and am so very glad to have them. The whole course I found to be well put together and centered in ways that affect me strongly; I am just so completely pleased with the whole thing.”

“The course gave me time and encouragement to adopt some new practices for this into my daily life.”

“I no longer have the feeling of blundering along all by myself in the dark trying to figure out what I am doing. This is the mark of good teaching. Having been a teacher myself in former years, I know good teaching when I see it and this definitely qualifies.”

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I would love to be able to take this course again in the future. You are doing amazing things. Thank you”