In-School and After School Programs

Our Stop, Breathe & Think curriculum mobilizes teachers and students to promote positive action within their own learning communities. It was developed for educators and organizations to integrate into existing classrooms, in after school programs, or summer programs. Stop, Breathe & Think enhances existing framework-based instruction for Visual Arts, Health, Service Learning, History and Social Science, and English Language Arts. Our most common applications are integration with advisory classes, character- and leadership-building classes in school and enrichment elective after school classes.

Students develop skills to effectively become more productive by increasing their positive sense of self, connection to others, and ability to act compassionately.


Every year, we invite all participating students to attend our Annual Teen Summer Camp followed by a Teen Reunion Camp in the spring at a retreat facility in the mountains outside of Los Angeles. We host approximately 50 campers annually, for one week of Stop, Breathe & Think curriculum enhanced with yoga, horseback riding, swimming, hiking, art, music, and sports classes and other camp activities.

The immersive camp experience provides teens space for reflection, growth and personal transformation. The camp is a unique opportunity for teens from different areas and backgrounds to meet and build deep friendships.


The Stop, Breathe & Think Curriculum can support a compassionate, kind, and mindful campus culture, providing students with a resource to deal with the academic, social, and emotional stress of college life. We work closely with administrators, faculty, and student organizations to create a training, implementation, and support strategy specifically designed for your community.


Our adult programming is intended for both personal and professional development. These programs use the Stop, Breathe & Think curriculum and are ideal for individuals interested in mindfulness and meditation who want to develop and apply kindness and compassion in their daily lives.

Weekend Workshops and Intensive Retreats

For individuals who are interested in an intensive experience with mindfulness and meditation, a Weekend Workshop, or Retreat is a great way to deepen your practice and continue to engage with the SB&T curriculum. These workshops combine training in mindfulness and meditation with dynamic group discussion and activities, journaling, and artistic expression.