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TFP 2015 Summer Teen Camp Wrapup

Students at King Middle School work in the community garden. The 10th annual Tools for Peace Summer Teen Camp was a great success! Our campers had a wonderful time learning about mindfulness, meditation, compassion, and kindness while having fun too!

We’re grateful to all the people and organizations that donated time, and resources to this year’s camp.  Because of your generosity, we were able to have an exceptional staff and provide healthful meals and activities, such as yoga, horseback riding, and arts and crafts.

We’d like to extend a special thanks to:

  • The Sean O’Shea Foundation for donating yoga mats that campers were able to take home from camp.
  • The Taylor Family Foundation for providing In Harmony Music Therapy Services for our campers.
  • Polar Bottle who donated water bottles for campers and staff.
  • Everyone who donated to our Be Kind to the Power of 3 fundraising campaign.

You can watch the campers’ original song, “The Tools We Seek” by subscribing to our YouTube page at, and you can see photos from camp by looking at the gallery below or by following us on our Facebook page.

Campers speak!

My favorite part was knowing that everyone was going to treat me kindly. Everyone was very supportive and nice. -Stephanie, Grade 8

The most important thing I learned was to always have an open mind and rejoice with others. This has been very important to me because I realize that those tools lead to lasting happiness. -Araceli, Grade 11

Now I know how to handle my stress. I know myself a little more now, and I feel great. -Charlotte, Grade 7

How you react really makes a difference. You have the ability to help a situation turn out calmer and more positive. -Ethan, Grade 10

I put myself in the other person’s shoes so that I can see their point of view and understand where they’re coming from. -Siron, Grade 11

The most important thing I’ve learned is to think about a problem and not just react to it in a negative way. -Stacy, Grade 8

Whenever I get worked up with my emotions, I’ll stop, breathe and think. -Mercy, Grade 9