Our Curriculum

STOP, BREATHE & THINK (SB&T) is a step-by-step mindfulness, meditation, and compassion-in-action curriculum that guides students through a variety of mindfulness activities, personal reflection and group discussion.

Students begin with an introduction to mindful breathing, a basic building block of mindfulness, and build upon that skill by following a three-step process:

  • Becoming Aware:  Students deepen their awareness of their thoughts, emotions and physical sensations.
  • Broadening their Perspective: Students learn to settle themselves down and proactively manage their actions and reaction.
  • Compassion in Action:  Students engage in service learning projects that address a community need in their classrooms, on campus, or within the wider community.

Each Stop, Breathe & Think workbook includes a mandala blueprint (where students creatively express their understanding of the curriculum) and activity worksheets.

Documented studies have shown that the use of mindfulness and meditation increase emotional regulation, social skills and an ability to orient and harness attention. They are also shown to decrease anxiety, depression, and reduce conduct and behavior-related problems. Studies have demonstrated that an understanding of mindfulness and meditation support closing the achievement gap in schools[1] and helps to reduce high school drop-out rates. Our own student and teacher feedback has demonstrated that our programs influence a student’s life most profoundly.

[1] Safe and Sound Guide, Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning, 2011.