Who We Are


Founded in 2000, Tools for Peace (TFP) is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to strengthening and supporting emotional and social intelligence as well as academic and professional success. TFP has partnered with over 20 organizations, universities, and schools.


Tools for Peace inspires people of all ages to develop kindness and compassion in everyday life.

We accomplish our mission by:

  • Providing a friendly and accessible curriculum (in-person and online) for those looking for practical methods to cultivate compassion and live more inspired, connected lives;
  • Promoting positive and concrete skill development for young people through our Stop, Breathe & Think in-school programs and mobile app;
  • Facilitating retreats for youth and adults to teach practices of mindfulness and the capacities that support social and emotional intelligence as well as academic and professional success.


We envision a world where everyone is connected by the shared values of kindness and compassion.


We Believe:

  • Solutions to problems begin from within ourselves.
  • In the inherent ability of all people to develop positive connection to one another.
  • Our shared capacity for kindness and compassion connects us more deeply than appearance, status, geography or circumstances.
  • The ability to thrive is attainable by anyone, regardless of social or economic background.

We Value:

  • Compassionate and responsive engagement that meets people where they are.
  • Safe and open forums where people can speak with courage, honesty, and confidence.
  • The unique contribution of every individual.
  • Authenticity and respect in all our relationships.

A Note From Our Founder

“We spend a lot of time pressuring our children to win at sports or to get good grades, but not much effort is put into teaching them how to be good, kind people. Something is lost when we don’t help them cultivate those qualities.”
— Venerable Lama Chödak Gyatso Nubpa, Tools For Peace Founder